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Calculate Your Price


The earlier, the better. The more lead-time you can give, the more likely we will be able to meet your preferred pick-up and delivery schedule.

We normally recommend two weeks' notice; however, sometimes we are booked for particular days/weeks in advance. Also, you will want to make sure you have enough time to get estimates and have some time to review them before you make your final decision. So, ideally, starting at least one month prior to your anticipated move day is a good idea. That will give you enough time to research companies, set appointments for on-site estimates (if applicable), collect and compare estimates, make a decision and book your move.

If your pickup and delivery dates are critical due to such factors as lease expiration or a real estate closing, you may choose an extra-cost service which will enable us to accommodate a more precise, reasonable schedule. You should discuss your specific pickup and delivery requirements with your sales representative, who can advise you regarding the types and costs of services available. Please note, for Long Distance moves, making an early reservation can ensure quicker turnaround of your goods to the destination.

A deposit of 10% from your move quote is required for all type of moves in order to reserve your moving date and crew. We do this to ensure that we have the correct equipment and necessary staff available on the day of the move. Your 10% deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the move.

We accept certified money orders, cash, and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). For local moves complete payment for the move will be handled by the crew supervisor at the end of your move, prior to unloading. For long distance moves we take 60% of the balance upon pickup and the remaining balance at the destination prior to unloading.

The final cost of your move will depend on a number of factors such as the services you wish us to provide, the services you are willing and able to do yourself (i.e. packing), whether you will provide your own boxes or wish to purchase clean, unused boxes from us, the volume of goods being moved, whether there are stairs, elevator, long carry, extra stop involved, and the distance you are moving.

Local Moves: Global Moving Systems operates locally on an hourly rate. We price your move based on the number of hours needed to complete your move. Hourly rates depend on the size of crew needed. You also pay for 1 hour travel time plus the actual time it takes to complete your move, including: packing, loading, transporting, drop-offs/pick-ups, unloading, unpacking and any packing materials. If you want to keep your costs down, the more you accomplish prior to the movers arrival, the less time required, and therefore the lower your move will inevitably cost. Having all the loose items packed up and ready to go will help expedite the move. If you have packed up all your loose items, and are eager and handy, you may take the extra step and disassemble furniture items (like bed frames and cribs) that require disassemble in order to be moved. Please note Global Moving Systems will only reassemble items we have disassembled.
Global Moving Systems does not charge extra fee for mileage, stairs, elevators, long carry, extra stop for local moves; however, a fifth floor walkup will take longer to unload than a move to a single family house, and a move within the same neighborhood will take less time than a move to another county. Any of the factors described above do effect the time it takes to complete the move, and subsequently the cost.

Long Distance Move: Long distance moves are charged based on the volume of goods being moved. If you want to keep your costs down, the more you accomplish prior to the movers arrival, the less time required, and therefore the lower your move will inevitably cost. Having all the loose items packed up and ready to go will help expedite the move. It is very important for your relocation consultant to know about any factors that may occur in extra charge and will increase the cost of your move, such as stairs, elevators, extra stop, packing materials or special packaging, and packing labor service. Also, long carries (over 75 feet from the point where the truck may park and the door to the destination), long carries in the freight entrance of the building (from the door to the elevator) or difficult delivery conditions. Certain conditions that require additional labor or a “shuttle truck” (a smaller vehicle required to shuttle the goods from the tractor trailer to the destination if a tractor trailer cannot make the delivery) will increase the cost of the move. Please bring any concerns and information to the attention of your relocation consultant.

Of course you may, but be very careful while doing so to ensure no damage is done to the content of the box. Valuation coverage will not cover goods packed by the owner.

Too early is better than too late when it comes to packing. It is sometimes more time consuming than you think. Bear in mind your “packing style” – do you try to get it all done in one day or weekend, or would you prefer to spread it out over a few weeks packing a few boxes every day. You will likely want to sort through, and toss/donate unwanted things. How much free time do you have? If your free time is limited, try starting early and packing a little at a time. Start with the things you absolutely will not need, and work your way towards the essentials.

All loose items must be packed in boxes to prevent loss or damage. It is recommended that you pack all items and leave the drawers empty.

Global Moving Systems considers “packing” the act of placing loose items in cartons. Books, linens, clothing, dishes, pots and pans are “packed” in boxes. Furniture is “prepped” and made ready for transport. Wrapping furniture, shrink wrapping or covering mattresses, crating glass and marble are examples of how Global prepares your furniture for safe transport. The service of prepping is considered an element of the moving service and is executed at the same hourly rate for local moves and extra charge for packing service for long distance moves. The blankets we use to wrap your goods are provided at no extra charge.

Crating means either building a custom wooden crate for a heavy or especially fragile item, or shaping a custom cardboard crate (and bubble wrap) when a fragile item of yours does not fit into a standard moving box. To better protect your items, we typically crate heavy, large or fragile items (like large standing mirrors, glass top tables and TV’s).

Most refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other electrical or mechanical appliances require special servicing to ensure safe transportation. Any moving parts such as motors on major appliances, washer drums, ice makers and the pickup arm on a phonograph should be securely fastened for shipment. Gas appliances need to be serviced and disconnected prior to your move. It is the owner’s responsibility to see that appliances are serviced for shipment before they are loaded on the van.

Yes. There is a basic valuation that is included with all moves, as well as a few other options. Please click here to learn more or call us to speak with our relocation specialist about available insurance options.

Yes; however, we must be advised in writing that they are being included in your shipment. High-value inventory lists are provided by Global Moving Systems. You can find an online version in the Forms section of this Web site or ask your relocation consultant to send you one. This form needs to be filled out BEFORE the first crew arrival to your residence. Appraisals, at your expense, may also be required.

Most buildings with elevators are going to require that you get authorization for a specific time that you can use them for your move. You should look into this immediately to make sure you can get the time you want. Additionally, some buildings managers are going to want to see a “Certificate of Liability”. At your request we can have this sent to them.

No. All of your furniture is going to be wrapped in padding or shrink wrap so you do not need to worry about them getting wet.

We cannot allow people other than movers to ride in the truck because of liability purposes.

If you are unable to take immediate possession of your new residence, your belongings can be stored in our warehouse. Global Moving Systems can provide safe storage facility for holding your goods until you’re ready for them. However, you are responsible for the storage charges, and final delivery charges from the warehouse.

Tipping is not required, but many people do. You should decide based on the quality of the move that you receive. Those that do tip tend to give either a small percentage of the entire move, or a small dollar amount per mover per hour. In the end, you should only tip an amount you are comfortable with.

We are sorry that there was a problem with your move. Unfortunately it can happen in a service industry. You can download The Claim Form and Instructions here or give us a call and we will send The Claim Form to you and answer any questions you may have.